morality plays


~ by augustus3 on October 9, 2011.

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  1. Jermone,

    I know you may not remeber me, I was one of your alumni. Starting at Rozzie, Lyman,Shirley,Topsfield,McCleans,and then a breif stay at the YMCA on Hunneting Ave and then shiped to Austin-Cate Acdamey. I just want to say Ive just read your book Last one over the Wall and would like to thank you for doing what you did amoung all the doubters (couldnt spell conversity). So far my life has been a long haul, unfortanley I ending up in all
    the state prisons except the Hill (walpole). At last there is someone who can
    speak for me and all the Brutally I have endured “Im doing time in Cottage 9”
    Just a quirk of the song Cloud 9 we used to sing. Also the Worcester Cottage in Lyman, man that was brutal, Im from Revere and came to your office with my mother and explained the abuse I rec eived there. There is still alot of questions about myself I cant explain But i have learnt to live in silence but that still is defening to me. Once again Thank You for all you have done for all the KIDS of the Great State of Massuchusetts.

    If you acn put up with my mis-spelled words Pleaase Respond, I know my Rights was volited and I have no re-course.

    Thank You once again,
    Stepehn J Smith

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